Our Ethos

The inspiration behind setting up Stork Exchange was a maggot! Honestly! On a family holiday, we hired a car and pre-booked a car seat. It was late when we arrived at the car rental desk, and the only seat left was the wrong size, and looked very old. We complained but the staff simply shrugged their shoulders, that was all they had, so we had to take it. Possibly in protest, our baby got sick on the car seat and when I took the cover off to wash it, I saw little maggots living in the frame of the car seat…

Our ethos is simple and comes from that experience. Three words sums up our business: Clean, Safe and Convenient.


We want to reassure parents that all of our equipment is completely sanitized after each and every hire. You will NEVER find a maggot, or old raisins, or broken rice cakes, or anything in the frame of your car seat!


This is key... we are so paranoid about safety, and the weight of our responsibility weighs heavy. We check everything before it goes out - all straps, buttons, clasps, zips, isofix connectors, everything. Staff are trained and insured to install the equipment too.


Our service is designed to make your trip easier, you don't have to carry the gear with you in the first place; we meet you at the most convenient location for you. We install or demonstrate everything and you start your holiday!