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We trial a lot of different products at TSE headquarters! So how do we pick equipment? Well, we start with brands. It’s important we chose top brands our customers recognise for their quality and popularity. Then we look at specific features; are the buggies easy to collapse for example? We chose the BabyJogger because the collapse mechanism is by far and away the easiest of any buggy in the market – pull to fold! It took us a while to find the Yoyo, but when we did it was love at first sight! Designed with travel and urban living in mind, it’s lightweight, compact, and extremely portable.

When it comes to car seats, we love the Joie range. The padding on the seats is much thicker than other brands; the Spin 360 is an excellent rear facing seat. Isofix is a standard feature nowadays, although it’s not always possible so we offer seatbelt installed seats too.

We started a premium range of products as that is what our customers looked for. That’s where you’ll find the Spin and the Yoyo. I’d include the Babybjorn travel cot in there too. We went through loads of different types of travel cots and I always hated the hard covered floors they called mattresses. The Babybjorn has an actual mattress, and it sits on the floor, so it’s safer too.

We’re always on the look out for new products. We’ve just introduced the LittleLife baby carrier to Dublin.. on a hunch that people want to get out and about more. Wonder what gave me that idea! We’re very happy to hear feedback and suggestions from customers, we aim to provide you with what you want to hire, so send us an email, we’re here to help.

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